Industry Wide Collaboration to Drive Solar Costs Down Through Efficient Data Exchange

SGIP is one of four organizations selected by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to lead the Orange Button initiative, which will streamline the way the solar industry establishes and manages data. In order to boost solar bankability, the four organizations – SGIP, SunSpec Alliance, kWh Analytics, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) – will work together to tackle the challenge of creating a widely adoptable, unified data standard for the solar industry.

Orange ButtonSM aims to simplify and standardize solar data so that state and local governments, customers, utilities, financiers, solar companies, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders can exchange quality data. Because access to high quality data impacts more than half the total price of a residential PV system, a robust data infrastructure for the solar industry is needed to enable rapid and seamless data exchanges between producers and consumers of solar data. By creating solar data standards, open marketplaces, and tools for accessing data by the private sector, Orange Button aims to reduce transaction inefficiencies and improve market transparency in a self-sustaining manner.

SGIP along with our Partner SEIA will manage stakeholder engagement and strategy associated with solar bankability as well as work alongside the Energy Department to help evaluate the progress and results of the Orange Button working group.

In addition, this collaborative effort relies on participation from a vast collection of industry participants, including developers of solar generation, inverter and grid-integration technologies, as well as financial and real estate community members who interact with the solar industry.