Committee Collaboration

How Distributed Energy Resources can be securely and safely integrated into our existing power networks in a reliable manner is a focus for our members.  As a membership we are addressing various aspects such as business models and business requirements as well as sharing questions that need discussed in policy discussions.  We are focused on looking at new ways of doing things that help engineering planning, operations, distribution teams, and IT architecture.  Our work entails defining requirements, identifying gaps that need to be overcome to support DER, defining new standards where needed and/or modifying and harmonizing existing ones if needed.  We are working collaboratively to capture use cases, requirements, lessons learned, and sharing R&D experiences.  The members are collaborating on testing and testbeds as well around DER.

SGIP is focused on addressing the needs through come of our committees.

  1. Grid Management – This committee brings together Grid Operations technology and business leaders from utilities to discuss key operational concepts/capabilities and architecture principles relating to future Grid Control & Operational technologies, needed to manage a more complex grid due to the rapid rise of DERs.
  2. Distributed Renewables, Generation and Storage (DRGS) – The DRGS DEWG addresses issues related to Smart Grid integration of distributed renewable/clean energy generators and electric storage and to initiate priority action plans and task groups to address these issues and gaps. Significant technical challenges exist in this area and resolution of these issues and gaps is essential to enable high penetrations of distributed renewable/clean generator and storage devices while also enhancing rather than degrading grid stability, resiliency, power quality, and safety.