Our Vision: 

SGIP is a consortium that securely accelerates and advances Grid Modernization through interoperability and the leadership talents of its members. 

Enabling and Accelerating Grid Modernization:

SGIP is the industry leader in merging the Internet of Things and Energy. Our EnergyIoT™ strategy advances interoperability by leveraging existing processes and standards and applying common, secure IoT technologies to create a fabric that is secure, reliable, resilient, and flexible. Our newest EnergyIoT™ Priority Action Plan, OpenFMB™, is a utility-led project dedicated to incorporating common utility data models and applying IoT communication and publication/subscription protocols to create an Open Field Message Bus. This approach creates a modern methodology where devices and systems can easily communicate with one another, unlocking new opportunities for innovative features and field applications in a common, modern framework. 

The United States energy industry is investing $400 billion or more to revamp and modernize the nation’s electric system, and to develop a digital security blanket to protect the system from cyber terrorism.

The electric grid is largely built with legacy and proprietary technology. It is not completely interoperable. Tying together legacy, and often proprietary, systems with newer technologies is a daunting task. Guidance becomes even more crucial as technology advances become more frequent and grid modernization becomes more complex and more expensive. If components lack interoperable capability, the value to the ecosystem becomes lost. As more types of devices and sub-systems connect to electrical grids, the need for careful evaluation of cybersecurity risks is vital to protecting all stakeholders.

Governments and industries worldwide are looking to the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) to assure that the thousands of components in a modernized electric system can operate and communicate with each other seamlessly.

SGIP accelerates grid modernization & the Energy IoT (commonly known as Internet of Things) through:

  • Thought leadership
  • Education & Advocacy for investments, innovation and policy change
    • Prioritizing and tackling topics / issues that are inhibitors to grid modernization
    • Identifying and building IoT information models, protocols, architectural frameworks, API’s, and tools that enable machine-to-machine, multi-vendor interoperability on the grid and with other industries
    • Instilling confidence and mitigating risks through Grid Security education, guidelines, and real-life best practices
    • Driving innovation through the creation of industry Grid Modernization use cases, architectural frameworks, test beds, and cyber security & privacy guidelines
    • Promote customer engagement and empowerment
  • Engaging all stakeholders in the process
    • Educating industry stakeholders through open collaborative forums
    • Providing technical guidance & influencing standards development for interoperability

The members of SGIP have been given the responsibility to resolve interoperability coordination issues and gaps that stymie seamless connectivity. By clearing these roadblocks, SGIP accelerates the digital modernization of the nation’s grid and expands supplier & service provider markets in both the United States and internationally, facilitating standards-based grid modernization. In addition, SGIP has signed official agreements with numerous countries to pave the way for innovative product and service introductions worldwide.