Areas of Focus

Systems Integration

Interoperability is key when introducing new technologies and systems. Most of the work that SGIP conducts is directed at interoperability and simpler, better integration.

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Through our close relationship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), SGIP boasts one of the most proactive cybersecurity organizations anywhere.

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EnergyloT (TM)

The convergence of IT and OT has created new opportunities for the Internet of Things within the energy business. We believe this is an exciting way to enhance interoperability and are committed to helping the industry move in that direction.

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July 14 Webinar

IEC 61850: Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utilities

IEC 61850 “Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utilities” is a powerful standard that provides a holistic view of designing and managing utility substation and field device communication, automation systems, and applications. It is a collection of multiple protocols, concepts, and component standards. Although widely deployed throughout the world it has only been lightly implemented in the United States and some utilities that have done an implementation of the standard have reverted back to historical practices. 



Smart Grid Stability with Broadcast Communications

Developed under the Home to Grid (H2G) Domain Expert Working Group (DEWG), this paper expands upon the SGIP paper "Broadcast-based H2G Communication Solutions" published in 2014 to address the issue of system stability arising from broadcasting prices to devices.  The concept of stability is based on system control theory, which is summarized.  Various control strategies are presented to enable optimization of the intended operational goals while ensuring system stability.



Constituent Participation & Engagement

Key constituencies contribute to SGIP in a variety of valuable ways as members serving on policy-making committees; writing technical papers and other publications; and acting as liaisons to peer organizations.